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Meet the Chef!


Chef Huda started cooking at the age of ten, like most people, right in her mother's kitchen. She realized at a young age that there were many ways to make people happy and put a smile on their face, cooking was her way. She started catering and selling sweets to the people in her neighborhood. After graduating from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Chef Huda set out to learn and gain as much experience as possible in the culinary industry. She worked for different companies in different positions and absorbed all she cooked from each one. Ma'idah Catering & Cupcake Junkies is a combination of what she learned in her mother's kitchen, her passion and love for food, cooking, and everything culinary, and her experience and skills acquired throughout her culinary career. She started Ma'idah Catering and welcomed Cupcake Junkies to share her love for simple, yet delicious, food with the people around her.

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